• INCREASED Muscle Pump
  • EXTREME Vascularity
  • ENHANCED Muscle Density
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The Next Generation Nitric Oxide Potentiator

Almost two decades ago, the supplement industry went wild over the first ever Nitric Oxide “NO2 Pump Pill” which basically comprised of Arginine in a unique time-released delivery system. Since its inception, studies have revealed that orally ingested Arginine does very little in terms of increasing Nitric Oxide levels within the body, despite its “novelty” delivery method.

After decades of research and clinical trials, studies confirm that Nitrates yield the highest overall conversion of Nitric Oxide in an orally delivered supplement. An additional positive finding is its rapid rate of conversion from a Nitrate, to Nitrite, and into the highly coveted Nitric Oxide.

PNI™ uses Potassium Nitrate, a premium form of Nitrate utilization and takes it multiple steps beyond with synergizing ingredients to create the Ultimate Pump Pill: Amentovol™.


  • Potassium Nitrate: Electrolyte and Nitric Oxide Optimizer
  • HydroMax®: Patented muscle cell volumizer and hydration
  • Amentoflavone: PDE inhibitor (keeps pump longer)
  • Vitamin C: Aids in preventing blood vessel constriction

Amentovol™ is the most comprehensively constructed Nitric Oxide “Pump Pill” and hemodilator on the market today. Don’t buy into the hype of outdated broscience, get results…get PNI™.

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